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Now, i was going to send everyone their own separate gifts as i receieved them, but seeing as most were sent at around the same time, i thought i would pass things on like this.

Eveything in this post is for the person named only. They are NOT shareable.

Ill post who got what from who after christmas :)

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Hey guys. Christmas is getting closer and i hope you are all working on your gifts!
Just to let you know, the "Non-Graphics" challenge will be closing in 3 days.

Please promote, i would love loads of people to join in, and if its a success i might run it again next year.
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Everyone that has signed up so far, should have had an email through detailing their match.
If anyone hasn't got an email, comment here and i will re-send it.
If your part of the graphics challenge, could you please send your graphics as soon as possible in an email, so i can pass them on.

Remember to promote! Just because you have a match dosn't mean other people have.

Thanks :)

magicfingers24 i haven't sent you an email yet :)

Application Form

Application Post


+ You must be a member to take part.
+ You must be willing to give as well as take from others.
+ You must use the form below to apply, filling in every part.
+ Please keep to deadlines. Failure to do so may result in a ban from participation.

Other Information
+ You have a choice of two secret santa challenges. Graphics or Non-graphics.
Those who apply for the graphics challenge will only make graphics for their receipient.
Those who apply for the non graphics challenge can make things/buy things and send them directly to their receipient.

Those who wish to take part in the non graphics will be matched up with those also in the non graphics challenge.
Those who wish to take part in the graphics challenge will be matched up with those in the graphics challenge also.

Once i have a "match" i will email you information straight away.

All information will only be seen by myself and the person who will complete your "wishlist"

The wishlist i will send you will be that of the person who you are making for. You may make/send as many things from that list as you would like. However, if you are in the graphics challenge i ask that you make at least 3 things. If you are in the non graphics challenge you only need to send 1, but that doesn't stop you if you would like to send more!

There is no price limit for the non graphics challenge, as i'm assuming there will be people who use different currencys. However, when writing your wishlist, think about how much you would be willing to pay.

I will send a full list of rules to you when i email the wishlist.


Graphics Challenge Form

Non graphics Challenge Form

If i have missed anything out or you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, as someone else might be thinking the same thing.

The final mailing & application day is 18th December. All graphics making must be completed by 23rd December.

I will post big post with who made what for who, sometime after christmas.

Have fun!